Grab a napkin because ya goin' to start drooling looking at all the fantabulous food photos. Then find a pen and paper to note down some off the beaten track road trip adventures you will wanna take.

Welcome to Epicurean Curiosity & The Great Road Trip. This is the fantastic merge and blur lines of food and travel. 

It's a collection of the best places I've visited and eaten. Yes, everything pictured I've eaten and taken a photo of, much to the annoyance of either my dining companions or the waitperson waiting for me to take my first bite to check there isn't a hair in my food.

Safe travels.



I am a foodie, a riesling drinker, a traveller, a New Zealander turned Angeleno curiously looking for her next culinary discovery.

Growing up in New Zealand is the perfect background for seeking travel adventures from behind the wheel. As soon as I could drive I was hitting the road in New Zealand, seeing the countryside and meeting the locals. I now reside in Los Angeles - so when visitors arrive we have a mandatory road trip - and they love it!

Food and travel is my

passion, so here I

share my culinary

experiences, recipes

and on the road